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Who We Are

About Reed

While we are always focused on the future, we’re proud of our history and what it took to create Reed Contracting as people know it today. Read on to learn more about our story and our leaders!

Our Story

Reed Contracting as you know it today — from trucking to heavy construction to materials — started with a single dump truck and a lot of hard work.

Growing up south of Huntsville, Mike watched his father’s construction career and learned to love building things. From a young age, he knew that he wanted a construction business for himself. After working double shifts at the local paper mill, he saved up $10,000 to put a down payment on his first dump truck.

At the time, Redstone Arsenal — the massive Army post in the middle of town — was starting a large test area cleanup project. Mike stepped up to haul material with his new dump truck at Redstone Arsenal around the clock. His uncle drove the truck for five hours each day so Mike could sleep. And thus, Reed Contracting was born in 1987.

Reed Contracting First Heavy Equipment in 1987

The theme of taking any work he could find continued, as Mike found an opportunity with the local corn syrup plant American Fructose. He did whatever everyone else didn’t want to do, like cleaning out ponds, hauling fly ash, and paving under pipe racks. Whatever they asked, Reed made it happen.

There was even one year early on when a water leak sprang up in Courtland on Christmas Day. Who fixed it? You guessed it — Reed Contracting. Mike was waist-deep in the water, trying to get it all handled so everyone else could enjoy the holiday.

Thanks to Reed’s “make it happen” mentality, the business grew into new markets like private development and public utilities. As the company expanded, leadership invested as much as they could into new iron and new capabilities to avoid relying on anyone but themselves to get the job done.

After paving small parking lots, Reed wanted to expand and grow the business, so Mike decided to get into the asphalt and concrete markets for himself. Reed set up their first asphalt plant just outside of town and refused to back down, as they continued building more plants over the years. Today, Reed Contracting has many asphalt and ready-mix plants that not only serve Reed operations, but also sell to the North Alabama market.

The push into the materials business set Reed Contracting on a course to become vertically integrated, which is one of their most significant competitive advantages today. Thanks to their ability to perform entire projects from start to finish themselves, they control their own destiny on every project.

While Mike’s always had a big hand in the business, he immediately attributes the success of Reed Contracting to the 750+ people who proudly work at the company today.

“I’ve surrounded myself with some really good people.”

That’s Reed’s secret. Because of hundreds of amazing people, a relentless work ethic, a ‘do it right the first time’ mentality, and plenty of southern humility, Reed Contracting plans to build and serve North Alabama for decades to come.


Making It Happen

Our Mission

“Making it happen for North Alabama since 1987.”

Our Values

  • Teamwork is the difference maker.
  • Do it right the first time.
  • Serve our community.
  • Take pride in hard work.
  • Determination — no matter the odds.
  • Reward loyalty.
  • Help others succeed.
  • Stay true to what got us here.