Reed Uses Advanced Hiring Techniques Thanks to Technology

How Reed Integrates Technology with the Hiring Process

Technology is important to any modern business, in many different ways. One of the things we’re currently doing at Reed Contracting Services is integrating technology and branding techniques through our marketing partner, BuildWitt. They’ve helped us overhaul our website into a cutting-edge site that we’re proud of, and that we feel truly represents who we are as a company. One area where this has really made an impact is in the hiring process.

We’ve made it a priority to take the antiquated way of hand writing an application, and turn that into a more efficient digital process. We’re using BambooHR’s applicant tracking software, which we’re integrating with our new website to help streamline the entire hiring process. This gives us the opportunity to do some up-front screening, so we know where people stand before they walk in the door.

Another aspect of improving our hiring process involved buying and renovating a building, and moving our HR, safety, and workforce development teams into that location, separate from our corporate office. We installed electronic kiosks where multiple people can come in at any given time and fill out an application. That application system links with BambooHR as well, so now we know immediately if a candidate has skills that line up with any of our open positions. Then, we can quickly pivot to a phone screening and interview process, and get that person hired.

Social media is another aspect of attracting talent that we’ve made a priority over the last few months. LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are the three main platforms we’re using. In addition to simply providing up-to-date information, we’re trying to talk about our people as much as we can, and recognize the things they do well. BuildWitt has provided us with hundreds of great photographs that we can use on our social media platforms. That not only markets to the masses, but it also shows our existing employees that we appreciate what they’re doing, and that we want to share their accomplishments with the world.

We’re also reaching out to other surrounding markets, because Huntsville has such a low unemployment rate. We’re using Facebook, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter — all the different technology that’s out there to try to drive candidates in our door, instead of just posting random ads on the internet and hoping for the best. We’re trying to really focus on recruiting certain areas, and not oversaturating the Huntsville market.

Long story short, the old methods of recruiting talent simply aren’t good enough these days. Instead of being left in the dust, Reed is committed to staying on the cutting edge of hiring processes. After all, we can’t expect to find the best and brightest people if we’re not using the most advanced hiring techniques!