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Quality construction projects start with quality materials. Reed not only produces sand and stone aggregates for our projects, we produce our materials for the entire North Alabama market. From large riprap to road base and sand, we have the aggregate that you need.

Aggregate Contacts

9098 County Rd. 33
Hollywood, AL 35752


Our Aggregate Products

Product Name Description
#2 Stone 1"-3" Stone
#4 Stone 1.5" Stone
#5 Stone 1" Stone
#6 Stone 3/4" Stone
57 Stone 3/4" to 1" Stone
67 Stone 1/4" to 3/4" Stone
78 Stone 1/2" Stone
89 Stone 3/8" Stone
810 Stone Manufactured Sand
1" Crusher Run 1" down crusher run
1.5" Crusher Run 1.5" down crusher run
825 B Base Rock Dense Grade pug mix base 1.5" down
Block Material 1/4" Down-Screenings
Washed 57 Stone Washed 57 stone
Washed 67 Stone Washed 67 stone
Washed 78 Stone Washed 78 stone
Washed 89 Stone Washed 89 stone
Surge Stone 3"-8" stone
Class I RIP-RAP 6" to 12" size stone 30-150lbs
Class II RIP-RAP 6" to 16" size stone 150-700lbs
Class III RIP-RAP 8" to 22" size stone 300-800lbs
Agricultural Lime

Hollywood Quarry Alabama

Our Hollywood quarry provides a tremendous addition to our complete line of construction services. We offer limestone and AG lime products from our quarry, either picked up at the quarry or delivered to your project, site, or home. We have the ability to meet all of your aggregate needs.

The quarry is located in Jackson County, Alabama, serving Scottsboro, Hollywood, Section, Fort Payne, Stevenson, and South Pittsburgh. We serve all areas in Jackson County and Dekalb County, Alabama. In addition, our service area extends into Tennessee, as our quarry is not only ALDOT approved, but also TDOT approved for sourcing. Please see our list of available aggregate products below, and contact our sales team for job-specific pricing and delivery.

Sand Plants

In addition to our rock quarry, we also produce sand products at our sand plant in Guntersville, Alabama. We have options available to pick up at the sand plant, or for delivery to your project site. Reach out to our team for detailed availability and pricing.

  • Concrete Sand
  • Asphalt Sand
  • Landscape Sand
  • Top Dressing Sand

Questions About Aggregates?

If you have any questions about our aggregates, please fill out the contact form and let us know how we can help you. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible! Or feel free to call us at 256-990-3171!

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Hollywood Quarry

9098 County Rd. 33

Hollywood, Alabama 35752
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Sand Plant

3345 Feemster Gap Road

Guntersville, Alabama 35976
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