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Old Highway 20: Phase 3 Reconstruction

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About This Project

The City of Huntsville brought on Reed to complete the reconstruction of Old Highway 20 Phase 3. As the general contractor, Reed will perform the excavation, utility relocation, curb installation, and asphalt paving of this section of the project. This includes over 42,000 CY of excavation, 325,000 CY of borrow excavation, 21,000 square feet of mechanically stabilized earth wall construction, 4500 LF of storm drainage, and 6400 LF of curb and gutter. Once we’ve completed the excavation and utility installation, we will install approximately 15,000 tons of dense grade base, followed by 6500 tons of new asphalt paving. Additionally, we’ve recruited a subcontractor to complete the new bridge spanning across the Norfolk Southern Railway.


The Goal

With the city eager to have this roadway section open for use, the project has set the goal to be substantially complete with the road and bridge by April 30, 2021. This gives Reed approximately six months to have the road open to the public. Fortunately, the weather has cooperated for most of October, allowing us to ramp up quickly on the project with personnel and equipment. Our foremen continue to overperform on the job site by keeping the project running from dawn until dusk seven days a week to maximize production. With crews working as efficiently as possible, Reed plans on finishing the project in time to meet the City of Huntsville’s goal.


Project Challenges

With specific subgrade fill requirements, acquiring the required amount of borrow excavation to satisfy this requirement is truly a unique challenge. Nearly 325,000 CY of borrow fill needs to be placed and compacted in 8” lifts. Since starting on October 1st, we’ve managed to install over 275,000 CY of borrow, and with continued good weather, we plan to complete the installation within this work item’s timeframe.

On top of this obstacle, the expedited schedule and massive liquidated damages associated with the April complete date will be a great test to our problem-solving skills and efficiency. Although, when Reed signed up for this project, we knew these were hurdles we could overcome. 

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  • Type of Work
  • LocationHuntsville, AL
  • OwnerCity of Huntsville
  • Key Factors
  • End ResultAs the project progresses, we look forward to completing Phase 3 of the Old Highway 20 reconstruction.