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Redstone Gateway Phase 2

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About This Project

This project started with a fully wooded, 96-acre site in Huntsville, which is being developed into a mixed-use office and retail community. Our work started by completely clearing the trees from the job site, before we were able to begin an enormous earthmoving process that involved 575,000 cubic yards of excavation, most of which was moved on-site. The next step included the installation of 6,240 feet of storm drainage and 3,020 feet of 10’x6’ concrete precast box culvert, and we’re currently performing the utilities installation.

On a job site this large, there’s a wide variety of challenges. One major hurdle was moving such a massive amount of dirt on a tight schedule, which was complicated by the fact that the land was basically a forest before we started working. In addition, simply procuring more than 3,000 feet of precast box culvert was a challenge in itself, not to mention actually installing it.

Our two foremen on this project — David Jackson and Lynn Dowland — are doing amazing work. Considering the scope and scale of such a large job site, David and Lynn have proven to be indispensable, as they’ve managed to keep everything on schedule despite the many challenges posed by a 96-acre site.

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  • Type of WorkGrade, drain, utilities, base, and paving
  • LocationRedstone Gateway, just North of Redstone Arsenal Gate 9
  • OwnerCity of Huntsville
  • Key Factors

    575,000 CY of unclassified excavation, 6,240’ of storm drainage, 3,020’ of 10’x6’ concrete precast box culvert

  • End ResultProject is ongoing