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South Parkway Overpasses

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About This Project

Reed Contracting took on this challenging project in Huntsville, Alabama, which involved extensive improvements to this busy roadway. This job involved a major overhaul of four bridges with eight retaining walls for the overpasses, as well as the installation of 41,000 feet of underground utilities, some of which were over 20 feet deep. Reed handled all of the grading, utilities, MSE walls, and asphalt paving on this project in-house.

The biggest challenge on this project was the timeframe, as our contract included a significant incentive/disincentive clause. Getting such an enormous amount of work done in such a limited timeframe required us to work efficiently at all times. Another issue was the fact that many existing underground utilities conflicted with the proposed work, which necessitated careful planning. In addition, all of this work had to be completed with minimal impact to traffic flow in the area.

Despite these challenges, Reed Contracting finished all of our work ten months ahead of schedule. Our site superintendent Billy Webster did an incredible job overcoming adversity on this project. Billy managed to organize teams working weekends, holidays, and nights, keeping everything moving and adjusting to challenges on the fly.

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  • Type of WorkGrade, Drain, Utility Installation, MSE Walls, Base, Asphalt Paving
  • LocationSouth Memorial Parkway at the Martin Rd. Intersection, Huntsville, AL
  • OwnerAlabama Department of Transportation
  • Key Factors

    The project is approximately 1.8 miles long.

    The complete project has two phases of work and associated deadlines with incentive/disincentive clause.
    Start date 12/4/15
    Phase 1 Completion date– 12/4/17
    Phase 2 Completion date – 6/1/19
    Project Completed date – 8/1/18 (10 MONTHS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE)

  • End ResultProject Completed 10 months ahead of schedule