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Mass Excavation and Grading

Whether it’s making way for a new DOT highway, clearing hundreds of acres for a new industrial site, or even finish grading a small parking lot, Reed will make it happen.

Most projects start with dirt. Whether it’s grading a small parking lot for paving, or moving millions of yards of material on a 200-acre site, Reed’s team is ready to make it happen. We operate multiple full-time mass excavation and grading crews at all times.

Our team’s earthmoving experience is diverse. We’ve graded for everything imaginable, from neighborhoods to airports to US military installations to commercial manufacturing plants. While every new project comes with new challenges, we heavily rely on our decades of experience to beat expectations on each job.

Beyond our earthmoving team themselves, we have an enormous fleet of equipment maintained by Reed mechanics, ready to mobilize anywhere in North Alabama and the surrounding areas. From projects planned years out to tight schedules with big liquidated damages to emergency work, we’ve seen it all.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A.
Featured Project

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A.

Economic growth leads to an increase in incomes, inspiring consumers to open up their wallets to buy more, which means a higher material quality of life or standard of living.

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Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A.

Our Mass Excavation and Grading Services

  • Mass excavation
  • Stripping
  • Finish grading
  • Emergency work


Our Team Installing Mass Grading Using Our Earthwork Heavy Equipment
Reed Contracting Using Cat D6T Dozers
Reed Contracting Distributing Water Using Dolphin's Water Tank Truck
Reed Contracting Working Mass Excavation And Grading Service Using CAT 336 Excavator
Reed Contracting D6K Track-Type Tractor For Mass Ex And Grading
Reed Contracting Team Working On Mass Ex And Grading
Reed Contracting Mass Ex And Grading Heavy Equipment Carrying Soil
Reed Contracting Crew Member Manuevering Cat Excavator Lifting Soil.
Our Crew Manuevering Our Earthwork Equipment On Excavating Mass Grading
Our Crew Working On Excavating Mass Grading On Site
Reed Contracting Crew Lifting Soil And Grading Using Volvo Heavy Equipment
Aerial View Of Reed Contracting Working On Rivers Landing Subdivision Project
Reed Contracting Project Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, USA

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