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Our concrete, asphalt, and construction projects in general wouldn’t get far without our logistics team moving it all from A to B.

Logistics plays a role in every project we build. Whether it’s transporting concrete and asphalt from our plants to projects, hauling aggregate from our quarry, or moving hundreds of thousands of yards of earth down the road, our team of drivers is there to make it happen.

We’re proud to have a fleet of dump trucks, lowboys, mixer trucks, and other specialty rigs to make any job happen.


Reed Contracting Service Truck For Earthwork Construction Projects
Reed Contracting Truck Transportation On-site
Crew Moving Aggregate Using Reed Heavy Equipment Trucks
Reed Contracting Heavy Construction Trucks
Our Crew Inspecting Our Service Truck And Making Sure Everything Is Working
Reed Contracting Heavy Equipment Loading And Moving Soil
We Use Heavy Truck For Transporting Our Excavators
Reed Contracting Gas Truck For Earthwork Construction Projects

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