Vertical Integration | Huntsville AL | Reed Contracting

What Vertical Integration Means to Reed

One of the biggest advantages Reed Contracting Services has over our competitors is the fact that we’re a vertically integrated company. What that means to us — as well as to our customers — is that we start on the ground level and provide everything needed for turnkey horizontal construction. Whether it’s a giant commercial site for a big office complex, a residential subdivision, or a new road project, we handle all levels of the process ourselves, except for the vertical build.

In addition to our work in excavation and mass grading, we put pipes and utilities in the ground, whether that’s sewer main, storm drain, electrical, etc. Then, we pivot and move into the paving of those sites, taking care of the concrete, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and flat work. We even do erosion control. Making all of these processes simpler and more efficient is the fact that we own the means of production as well.

When there’s concrete needed, we have our own concrete plants that make ready-mix concrete. We have seven of these plants in various places throughout the markets we operate in. We have four asphalt plants as well — we manufacture and lay our own asphalt, just like we manufacture and install our own concrete. That helps us manage our own schedule on a project, enabling us to control our own destiny.

Another significant advantage of our vertical integration is the peace of mind we’re able to provide our clients. When you hire Reed, you have one point of contact. If you’re a general contractor, a home builder, a developer, or a Department of Transportation, you don’t have to subcontract several aspects of your project, like you might have to if you use one of our competitors. Everything is within our scope, so if there are any problems, all you need to do is call Reed and we’ll handle it.

We’re truly a one-stop shop for horizontal construction. The big difference with our vertical integration is the ease of doing business. Each aspect of the job is our responsibility, using our employees and our iron. Controlling the schedule means completing projects on time and on budget. That gives us a tremendous amount of leverage that you just don’t see with other contractors, and it’s one of the best reasons to use Reed on your next project.