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Why Work at Reed Instead of Our Competitors?

You’ll often hear companies in the construction industry talk about how much they like to promote from within, and Reed Contracting Services is no different. The big distinction between Reed and our competitors in this area is that we’re more consistently able to put our money where our mouth is. We’re a big enough company with multiple divisions and departments that people can pivot to in their career, but we’re not so small that you’re sitting around waiting for someone to retire to open up an opportunity.

While we have many different ways to grow and climb the ranks at Reed, we still make decisions at the local level, we still have family ownership, and we still try to get to know all of our employees on a personal level. We balance the limitless opportunities of a major corporation with the family atmosphere of a small business, and that’s a big part of why our people love working here.

We always try to pivot our people to learn different pieces of equipment, or different roles within our business. We have guys come in as laborers who work their way into a grade checker or field operations position. If someone’s running a trackhoe, then can they learn to run a dozer? Can they learn to run a truck? If they learn those things, can we teach them how to run a paver? Can they move over into quality control, where they’re testing materials? Can they become a plant operator at our asphalt or concrete plants? These are just a few examples of the opportunities we provide to our employees.

We also have our own truck driving school, where we’ll teach you how to drive a heavy commercial vehicle. We’ll help you get your CDL, and help you work your way up. Long story short, someone with a lot of gumption who wants to learn the industry can really move through the ranks of our company, because we have those opportunities here. There’s always openings across the company — there’s always somebody gravitating to another position, or moving to another department, opening up new and exciting roles for people willing to work for them.

We think it’s important to constantly train people on different aspects of the industry, because construction has an aging workforce, and we’re certainly not immune to that. If we don’t put some young people with our more seasoned workers, and give them opportunities to learn the business, we’re letting all that experience and knowledge walk right out the door when they retire.

We even recently brought in a guy who’s approaching retirement age, and he’s been in the industry for decades. His job is to continually follow up with new hires, to make sure we’re giving them everything they need to succeed. “How’s it going? What do you need? What do you feel like you’re lacking? What are you not getting from your supervisor? How can we get you acclimated to the business? What’s intimidating to you, and how do we break those walls down?” Asking those questions helps acclimate younger employees to the rest of the crew. Giving them a mentor they can call on and ask questions to without judgment is a valuable part of developing our newer hires.

These are just a few of the many aspects of what makes Reed Contracting Services a great place to pursue a career. We’re big enough to have a wide variety of opportunities, but small enough to where you’ll never feel like you’re just a number.